Belt sanders and grinders

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Product Specs

Fein GX

GI Belt Grinder with Dust Collector

Integrated dust collection system for highly effective double extraction • Cassette filter for effective air cleaning • Integrated metal grinding particle collector, resistant against hot sparks  • Flexible, heat resistant steel suction hoses

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Fein GX

GXC Belt Grinder Module

Quality surface finishes are always assured with the GXC • Included are two nylon and one brass guide rail for all your finishing needs • The brass rail is used for wet or dry finishing on rough surfaces such as corrosion, scale, etc. • The nylon rail is used for wet finishing on sensitive materials when a highly polished surface is required • Mounts on GX grinders

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Fein GX

GXR Radius Grinding Module

GXR radius grinding module profiles tubing from 5/8" to 3" • Adjustable for various angle notching • Flexible and useful for connecting tubing at various angles • Mounts on GX/GILS grinders

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