Blasting media

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Product Specs
Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide RA Type. An extremely hard, sharp grain that is more friable than aluminum oxide. For use in blasting of extremely hard materials. Available in grit sizes 12 to 1200.

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Ceramic Beads

Ceramic media can be blasted with air, wet or dry, and airless systems. It is a very quick accelerating media, usually blasted at a maximum of 55 psi. When used on stainless steel, it produces a very pleasant, bright matte finish. It is also very popular for peening titanium. 

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Plastic Media

Plastic Blasting Media - Plasti-Grit Type II. Medium harness media. Cleans molds, tooling and sensitive substrates leaving anodized and other base coats intact. Great for paint stripping.

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