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Product Specs

ADF Drawer Aqueous Parts Washer M990


Models 980 & 990. Drawer washer designed for heavy loads, such as large dies, gears, transformers castings and large baskets or parts. Models 900 & 950 pass through style for excellent flow and material handling.

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Models 710 and 720. The Tumbler was designed to clean parts that need to be moved or turned for proper cleaning. This includes small screw machine type parts that have Blind holes or tend to nest together and therefore must be moved to clean properly.

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ADF Flow Through Aqueous Parts Washers

Flow-Thru Conveyor

ADF Flow Through Conveyor. Washers are built for the volume and cleaning requirements of each application. They are available as single or multi-stage washers with conveyor size, speed and components designed to provide high quality cleaning.

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