Stainless steel tanks

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Product Specs
Metal Finishing Systems Equipment Supplies Solutions Denver Englewood Colorado Quantum Series Industrial Parts Washer

The Quantum Series is a smaller, more portable ultrasonic device. Ranging in size from 3¾ to 7¾ gallons, these units are ideally suited for cleaning small and/or delicate pieces, including optical parts, small gears, machined parts, bearings, surgical instruments, carburetors and carburetor components.

Quantum Series Models Feature:

  • Timer controlled ultrasound
  • Stainless steel lid
  • 1 Phase/ 120 VAC/ 15 Amp Standard (240 VAC available)
  • Unique self-draining baskets available
  • Mesh baskets must be ordered separately


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Omega Pro Industrial Parts Washer

Omegasonics’ Pro Series line will revolutionize your critical parts cleaning needs using ultrasonic technology and water-based cleaning soaps without the use of toxic solvents, ensuring employee safety and protecting the environment.

Clients have literally saved millions of dollars in time and labor cleaning costs while producing a better finished product. Learn how Omegasonics can save you money now.


  • Stainless steel tank-fully insulated
  • Exterior Hammertone powder coat finish
  • Built-in thermostatically adjustable heat
  • Digital timer controlled ultrasound
  • 40 KHz frequency with sweep
  • Hinged stainless steel cover
  • Dual cartridge filtration with weir and spray bar
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