Blasting Tech Tips

Blasting is the acceleration of particles by air or mechanical means to a surface or work piece to achieve a variety of physical effects. Surface effects are determined by media type, size, speed, and direction of impact. The visual appearance of a blasted surface tends to be a dull to bright satin-matte finish.


Mechanical applications include:

  *Pre-Paint Adhesion                       *Heat Treat Scale Removal

  *Pre-Plate Finishing                        *Mill Scale Removal

  *Surface Cleaning                          *Rust Removal

  *Peening For Strength                    *Coating Removal

  *Blending Machine Marks                *Deburring

  *Deflashing Plastic & Rubber           *Weld Discoloration Removal

  *Glass Etching                               *Mold Cleaning


All Recoverable Blast Systems, Cabinets or Rooms consist of:

  1. Delivery System

  2. Containment System

  3. Media Reclaiming - Cleaning System


The following pdf documents will give you detailed technical information about blasting.