Mass Finishing Tech Tips

Mass finishing is the general description for vibrating or flowing an abrasive media around usually a number of non fixtured parts, moving randomly within the mass of the abrasive media.

Various types of equipment generate energy which is transferred through the media to the part being processed. The transfer of energy and randomly moving parts automates the finishing process, with part loading and unloading to be addressed.

There are a number of variables that effect mass finishing including:

  • Equipment type
  • Media type
  • Soap compounds

The effect that mass finishing has on parts includes:

  • Deburring
  • Refining RMS finishes
  • Burnishing (Brighting)
  • Improving strength
  • Pre plate
  • Pre paint adhesion
  • Improving oil retention on surfaces
  • Cleaning

Mass finishing processes are repeatable and one of the least expensive ways to automate finishes on parts.

The following pdf document will give you detailed technical information
about mass finishing.

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