3M™ Specialty Abrasives

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Rolls, pads and bands for a variety of applications.

3M™ Cartridge Rolls

Cartridge rolls are ideal for getting into small, hard-to-reach spaces. As they wear, the wrapped layers of the cartridge roll continuously expose fresh abrasive layers for continued cutting action. Available in regular and tapered construction.


3M™ Square and Cross Pads

Square pads are ideal for fast grinding/blending of channels, fillets, corners and spotting on flat surfaces. As the square pads rotate, the corners exert a fast biting action and gradually wear down to expose fresh abrasive material. Cross pads are used for close tolerance polishing of small radial and channels, deburring the ends and insides of tubing and other special applications.


3M™ Bands

Great for getting at those hard to reach places and contours. ideal for removing parting lines, imperfections and burrs. Use with 3M™ Die Grinders and 3M™ Rubber Slotted Expander Wheel or 3M™ rubber Cushion Polishing Wheel. 


Product Specs:

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