Niagra Wet Dust Collector

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Niagara Wet Dust Collection Systems come in a variety of models that are intended for safe, efficient collection of various dusts produced from grinding and deburring operations, using a water filled tank as the filter pulling the contaminated air. Dust particles sink to the base of the tank and are easily raked into a disposal container. Materials suitable for wet collection includes quick wetting and sinking dusts, materials of a combustible nature, applications where sparks may occur, or where mixing of material and various minerals occur, or in any application where particles are heavier than the specific weight of water.

Standard Features

  • Welded steel main tank with ribbed construction
  • Impeller motor is T.E.F.C. rated from 3-25 HP
  • Steel baffles designed for continuous water spray to filter contaminated air
  • Mist eliminator pack
  • Steel door designed for explosion relief
  • Lift-off door for quick access & easy cleaning
  • Silencer to insure noise levels between 79 & 84 dba
  • Electronic high/low water level sensor with automatic refill
  • One inch brass water drain valve for cleaning
  • Water level monitoring scale mounted in an easy to read location
  • Stainless steel impeller is balanced to minimize vibration
  • Brass fittings and stainless steel hardware to prevent rust
  • Push button motor starter and overload wired with water tight connectors & conduit
  • Main disconnect switch
  • Stainless steel & galvanized shells available

Optional Equipment

  • Custom pipe kit
  • NFPA 484 Approved kit for combustible materials
  • Sump vent blower kit for magnesium
  • Explosive proof motor


Niagra chart


Product Specs:

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