Blasting media

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Product Specs
Industrial Glass Beads

For cleaning, finishing, peening and deburring applications. This media generally gives a brighter matte finish. It maintains tighter work piece tolerances and is normally blasted between 40-80psi.

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Stainless Steel Media

CHRONITAL - Stainless steel shot and grit. Rust proof, spherical. Patented and controlled atomizing. Efficient deburring and desanding with perfect surface finishing.

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Steel Shot

W Abrasives, Steel Shot is a spherical product of hypereutectoid steel in the fully heat treated condition. It has a uniform structure of finely tempered martensite which provides optimum resilience and resistance to fatigue.

This makes steel shot ideally suited for both cleaning and peening applications.

Cast steel angular grit is produced by crushing specially heat treated shot pellets. Its behavior characteristics in service are very much dependent upon the hardness selection of GP, GB, GL or GH grit.

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Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is widely used as a tough recoverable media for quick removal of paint, rust and scale. It is also a good choice for pre-paint adhesion.

(Duralum® and Blastite® both meet the sizing standards set forth in MIL A21380 B). 

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